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The crew Virtue was formed fairly recently on the 10/8/2012 by HardForce after realising he'd be much stronger if he had a strong team behind him. The early days of Virtue's career was lonely indeed with HardForce being the only member. In the upcoming months however he has been successful in recruiting many strong players like Luistage, Quantum_X and even the FEAR veteran CeeJure. With Virtue's promising members and recruits improving everyday it is surely a crew to keep an eye on in the near future.

Dedicated MembersEdit

HardForce, Lara_Moon, Nipple4Me, Quantum_X, JM_Viking, Okofro, Luistage, DrRello, CeeJure, Liltimmit, Mikey141

Ex-Members: DrChzburga, CakeJelly, AlphaHaze (who is currently in Adventure).


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  • Lara_Moon was the first member ever to be recruited to Virtue
  • Quantum_X, JM_Viking, Okofro and Luistage were all original members of the Seven crew
  • HardForce was actually an original member of Adventure but left in order to form this crew

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