On Thursday, November 3rd we will enter the next phase of Brawl Busters action!

Congratulations to Roi Tsur and Jerrold Farrington for guessing the date correctly! You will each receive 6,000 BP and the Nostradamus Title.

So what can you expect for the Open Beta? We're busting out 2 new modes, brand new weapons, stylish outfits, and the website Busters Centre!

While you're patiently waiting to start busting heads, go check out the Open Beta Trailer. Now!

Still waiting? You can also participate in our Trivia Event to win daily BP prizes!

Really, you still want more stuff to do? Ok, ok. For even more BP prizes complete our Closed Beta Survey and help us make BB even better!

That's all Busters! See you in the Open Beta!

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