• AlexandruSanduS

    Looking For SQL Developer , Game Client Developer , Designer Developer , PHP Developer , Html Scripter Project : Brawl Buster Server 

    What I Have Fine To Now (5%)

    -[Game Client prepared for changes]                  

    -[HOST With DDOS And Flood Protection]                          


    What I Need :

    -Server   -Database[SQL DEVELOPER JOB :) ]

     -Server Files [Game Client Developer]  

    -Client Connection [ PHP Developer - Game Client Developer - SQL DEVELOPER]  

    -Client Shop Items status all working [ Game Client Developer - Sql Developer]


    - Register [Html Scripter - PHP Developer]

    - Server Status [ Html Scripter - PHP Developer]

    - Maintenance Status [Html Scripter - PHP Developer] 

    - Template [Html Scripter - Designer Developer]          

    ( …

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