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Date of creation


Current Leader



Haze_21 (AlphaHaze)


Current Members

Brief InformationEdit

Seven is a crew that was created on 17th of April 2012 by Haze_21 better known as AlphaHaze. The crew have always been considered a bizzare bunch but have proven their strengths in-game numerous times. AlphaHaze no longer leads the crew as he left to persue a career in another crew called Adventure but his initial "Seven" values still remain. The crew was entrusted to unkvcc2 upon his departure.

Dedicated MembersEdit

AlphaHaze, spanknass, unkvcc2, Quantum_X, tryggerage, JM_Viking, Okofro, Marv31, Cassiae, LeManouche, Goedkoop, delstrudoV, shin_shan, Laughinkid (who is currently in HardRock).


A screenshot with several members from the Seven Crew.


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