"Feel My Electrifying Music!"




Balanced Buster


Widest Attack Range, Fast Movement Speed


No Distinct Attributes

Double jump


Rockers have a high movement rating and are great all-around combatants. They can either swing their Guitar for deadly combos, or strike stunning musical chords for their Secondary Attack. The Rocker's area of effect Special Attack clears out opponents in a flash.

Basic Strategy

As stated, Rocker is a balanced class, he can be used both to intercept and assault enemies. He posesses average health and attack power, as well as fast moving speed. As an AoE class, most of his attacks have stunning and cleaving attributes, and his special attack can be both offensive and defensive.

Rocker is considered a front brawler, usually participating in most of assaults. He has a complex and wide-range attacks that combine into a long AoE combo. This attack is suggested to be used in the middle of a rumble, where either several opponents could be damaged, or you oppose a fast boxer/rocker that may maneuver.

If you are being overrun by a healthy opponent alike Blitzer, Rocker's secondary attack makes use. At any variation of secondary attack, it is a fast mid-range energy attack that stuns (interrupts a charge) either a group or a single opponent for a short amount of time. Also this attack finds the best use between combos or while retreating.

Rocker's special attack has a slow charging time, but it is useful when you are about to be ambushed by a group of close-range opponents. It is a radial blast sending opponents flying away.


Weapon Default Abilities Price (BP) Perk
Half moon Secondary: Electric Emission Special: Sonic Explosion 3,200 Movement Speed: +3.0%
Round guitar Secondary: Plasma Ball Special: Sonic Explosion 3,200 Movement Speed: +3.0%
Mandolin Secondary: Plasma Ball Special: Electric Carpet 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Devil's scream Secondary: Electric Emission Special: Electric Carpet 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Viola Secondary: Plasma Ball Special: Sonic Explosion 3,200 Defence VS Zombie: +4.0%
Purple v Secondary: Electric Emission Special: Electric Carpet 3,200 Defence VS Zombie: +4.0%
Black imp Secondary: Rapid Fire Special: Sonic Explosion 6,400 Attack VS Users: +2.0%



Guitar Combo: Five hit combo melee attack, this attacks all your enemies within the guitar's radius.


Electric Emission: This rather short, but somewhat wide beam of lightning stuns and inflicts low damage on all hit opponents. The beam does not interact with projectiles.

Plasma Ball: In this medium range attack, a homing electro-ball is shot forwards. On hit, the ball stuns and damages only the hit target; everyone and everything else nearby is unharmed. Compared to Electric Emission, this attack has lower damage but much longer range. When a plasma ball hits another projectile, the ball gets destroyed, and so does the other projectile, unless it is an Uppercut projectile.

Rapid Fire: An attack that fires 5 bursts of sound at your target, the last burst also pushes your opponent back a little.


Sonic Explosion: A powerful area of effect blast, that stuns and throws away opponents near you when charged. A good skill if you're trying to escape from a group of zombies in the Zombie Survival mode.

Electric Carpet: An attack that emits a wide disk of electricity on the ground for a short time, stunning and damaging the enemies who walk over it. A good skill if you're trying to kill a group of zombies in the Zombie Survival or Boss Battle mode. Compared to Sonic Explosion, this attack has longer horizontal reach, but slightly lower damage.


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Brawl Busters Lesson

Brawl Busters Lesson #3: Rocker

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