"I'll Follow You Into Hell!"


Boxing Gloves


Agile Buster


Fastest Attack Speed, Fastest Movement Speed


Lowest HP

Double jump


Boxers are the fastest Busters but also have the lowest HP rating. They use Boxing Gloves to throw powerful punches or charge at opponents fist-first as their Secondary Attack. The Special Attack is a wind-up punch which launches flaming gloves damaging opponents in front of a Boxer.

Basic Strategy

A good strategy that Boxers can use is a Secondary attack followed up by a quick combo attack, then repeat. This quickly whittles down your opponents health, but isn't best used in the enemie's teams company.


Weapon Default Abilities Price (BP) Perk
Gust glove Secondary: Rocket Punch Special: Uppercut 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Platinum flame Secondary: Rocket Punch Special: Shockwave 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Flame glove Secondary: Bombing Run Special: Uppercut 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Cyan gust Secondary: Rocket Punch Special: Shockwave 3,200 Defence VS Zombie: +4.0%
Stag beetle Secondary: Bombing Run Special: Shockwave 3,200 Defence VS Zombie: +4.0%
Thorn glove Secondary: Bombing Run Special: Shockwave 3,200 Movement Speed: +3.0%
Devil's skull Secondary: Swing Down Special: Shockwave 6,400 Attack VS Users: +2.0%



Boxer Combo: A quick 1-2 punch followed by an upper cut that hits enemies into the air.


Rocket Punch: A long distance lunge that has no AoE. This can be used to catch up with fleeing enemies.

Bombing Run: A short distance lunge forward ending with a powerful area of effect attack.

Swing Down: An attack that smacks opponents down into the ground. This can cause them to bounce of the ground and allow you to perform an additional combo(s).


Shockwave: Fires 5 fans from his thrusting fist, each causing damage on impact, used to control large amount of targets.

Uppercut: Fires a large uppercut that travels forward for a short amount of time. It can only damage an opponent once or twice, if you're lucky. Best used to get an opponent in the air.




JuNkA ~ Run or Die Montage05:14

JuNkA ~ Run or Die Montage


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