"You'd Better Not Block My Way!"




Close range Buster


Highest Attack Power, Highest HP


Slow Attack Speed

Double jump


Blitzers, with the highest HP rating, are great at fighting multiple enemies. Armed with the football, they tackle their way through opponents or perform a touchdown move as the secondary attack. The special attack lunges them forward in a spin-move followed by a powerful slam.

Basic Strategy

Considering class disadvantage, the player must maneuver to have a space for an assault. Blitzer's primary attack is most useful when you slam into a single opponent, however it is easily avoidable. Fast paced classes, such as Boxer and Rocker may distrupt Blitzer's charging attack with their rapid combo or secondary attacks, so the player must consider avoiding these classes grouped, or ambushing these with the Chameleon item if possible.

Blitzers are made for area damage and stunning attacks. Their attacks make opponents fly in the air and open for damage sources.They deal great damage and posess the highest HP, as well as second fastest speed. Since Blitzer's special attack require a decent charge time (special attack can be distrupted easily) the player must consider the time gap between attacks to make sure these are not interrupted. Maneuver is the basic tip for both Blitzer and Boxer, however Blitzer's tactic revolve over hitting and rolling back to make another lunge. Special attack might be useful to reach escaping target, if you may coordinate this attack appropriately as well as enough space to move. Also, take note that the Blitzers dash attack has a blind spot just in front of itself.


Weapon Default Abilities Price (BP) Perk
Black x Secondary: Earthquake Special: Touchdown 3,200 Movement Speed: +3.0%
Bursting ball x Secondary: Bouncing Ball Special: Touchdown 3,200 Movement Speed: +3.0%
Iron hoop Secondary: Earthquake Special: Bursting Pillar 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Clear ball Secondary: Bouncing Ball Special: Bursting Pillar 3,200 Item Obtain: +10.0%
Scorching light Secondary: Earthquake Special: Bursting Pillar 3,200 Defence VS Zombie: +4.0%
Handbasket Secondary: Bouncing Ball Special: Touchdown 3,200 Defence VS Zombie: +4.0%
Manometer Secondary: Triple Spike Special: Touchdown 6,400 Attack VS Users: +2.0%



Blitzer Combo: A 3-hit combo. Slow attacks that stun the opponent, and deal some decent damage.


Earthquake: An area of effect attack used best against downed enemies

Bouncing Ball: A large rolling missile that rolls forward for a small period of time

Triple Spike: This attack enables you to throw 3 rolling missles towards your target that also detonate.


Touchdown: A short distance lunge forward that ends with a damaging area of effect punch.

Bursting Pillar: A short distance lunge forward that ends with a pillared explosion, which remains in effect for a short moment and has slightly higher damage than Touchdown but has slightly shorter radius.





BrawlBusters (Open Beta Blitzer Gameplay) HD02:57

BrawlBusters (Open Beta Blitzer Gameplay) HD


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